Fit your store experience to your customer

Leverage your in-store and online data, enriched by external data, to better understand your customer and build the retail experience around their demands

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Assortment efficiency
Ensure your customers purchase from you by making better purchasing and delisting decisions.
Basket size
Drive customers towards higher price products and increase promotion and discount uptake.
Maximize demand and revenue without reducing margin by determining optimal product discounts.
Understand and fulfil your customers' changing demands
The retail industry is facing an increasingly competitive market with supply far exceeding customer demand.

As a result, differentiation through top-notch customer experience is essential for both incumbents and challengers to defend and improve their market position.

Using your data to understand your customers’ volatile and evolving demands is key. Turning that understanding into everyday action enables you to provide the optimal in-store and online customer journey.
Use cases in retail
Across online and in-store retail, Contiamo can help you ensure you have the best products in the optimal quantity, positioned and priced to maximize demand.
Promotion & proximity optimization
Improve product positioning and optimize promotions by understanding why products are commonly bought together and replicate that success.
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Assortment optimization
Predict the effect of delisting and carry out cost-benefit analysis and opportunity cost based on shelf space and potential listings.
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Intelligent inventory mangement
Leverage demand trends models to implement an alert system for purchasing managers to order the optimal levels of inventory.
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