Data architecture & engineering

A solid data architecture forms the basis for data intensive applications and insights and thus is the heart of any data-driven organization. Data engineering enables data to flow smoothly throughout your organization so that it can support and drive all of your initiatives.

We help you to create a customized, scalable, reliable and powerful data architecture that drives your business.

Benefits you will experience with an architecture curated by Contiamo

Boost the efficiency of your data engineering teams and enable flexible use cases.

Build a scalable and powerful stack that brings all the right tools to the right people.

Benefit from our end-to-end support for sustainable and helpful solutions.

Challenges of today

Legacy systems and exponential data growth create enormous challenges for companies of all sizes. Non-scalable systems and vendor lock-ins hamper new use cases. Silo knowledge and overly complex data pipelines are further problematic effects of an outdated architecture. Contiamo helps you with your transformation through smart and efficient solutions.

Challenge: Breaking pipelines

Your current pipelines have become brittle, what is supposed to speed up your team (organization) is now breaking or blocking it. Bug fixing and data delivery times in general are high.

Contiamo's solution

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In-depth analysis from data consumer to data sources

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Improving processes using modern tools

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Stepwise implementation of state-of-the-art monitoring and notifications

Challenge: Renewing the data stack

Existing data stacks are not sufficient and not flexible enough to serve all data applications in an efficient manner.

Contiamo's solution

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Identification of suitable "front runner" use cases and migration approach

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Selection of future best-of-breed architecture

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Continuous monitoring and iterative improvement during the migration

What makes a project with Contiamo engineering unique?

We start with listening.
We need to understand the challenges your engineers have to create a feasible solution

We are vendor-independent.
We work with the best tool for the job that brings you maximum added value.

We share experiences.
With our best practices we unlock your data landscape for future projects.

What a project could look like?

a remote pointing to a tv displaying different media applications
Enabling new data use cases with a modern data architecture

To realize new data services, a powerful system connecting various data sources was necessary. Using state of the art frameworks and technologies, GDPR-compliant applications serving the use cases were created by Contiamo.

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Mike Linthe
Mike Linthe, COO and Partner