Data science services

We support you with end-to-end implementations, best practices and comprehensive consulting on all aspects of data science.

We leverage the latest technologies and algorithms to solve complex business challenges and make you more successful. Our expert team has extensive knowledge in machine learning, BI tools, data pipelines and more.

Benefits for our customers

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Solve business challenges

We will help you understand the changing data landscape, modern tools and pick the right one to solve your challenges. Use your data for intelligent solutions such as planning optimization, customer service improve-ment or forecasting.

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Gain a deep understanding

For us, a deep understanding of your challenge and data is the basis of our cooperation. We uncover correlations, influencing factors and problems in the data with detailed analyses to improve your business.

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Project tailored entirely to you

Every project is different. We know that and provide a toolbox based on open source for indiviual solutions. No matter what environment you are working in and how much support you need, we make it happen - be it an all-round POC or a high-end integration.

An established project approach

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We explore what data is available and how it can be used to solve your business challenge.

Data exploration

At the heart of every data science project is data. That's why we inspect it closely  for a proper basis.

Data investigation

The data science team dives deep into the data to uncover valuable insights and actionable advise.

Modeling & Testing

Based on the insights gained, an optimal, customized machine learning model is now being built and thoroughly tested.


Depending on the individual setup, we bring the model into production in our infrastructure or in your environment and hand over everything you need.

Our two core models


Proof of concepts or
one-time insights
Together we start on the path to solving your business problems. In a flexible, quick-start setup, we explore options and develop smart solutions.


End to end implementation
We accompany you from the initial business analysis to the final implementation and handover. We create efficient, scalable and long-term data science solutions for you which integrate seamlessly into your system. State-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge libraries guarantee you stability and minimize license costs.

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Ian Solliec
Ian Solliec, Head of data science