Applied AI
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Applied AI refers to the practical application of AI to solve business problems. These services use natural language processing and computer vision to improve decision-making and drastically increase efficiency.

Since ChatGPT can be used by the public, large language models (LLMs) are talked about in every sector. Conversational AI is a game-changer not only for science, but will have lasting effects on businesses and entire industries.

Take advantage of the large disruption potential of LLMs and learn how Contiamo can help leverage them for the success of your business:

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Why LLMs?

Significant acceleration
in academia
within two months
for automating repetitive
and time consuming tasks
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LLM Specialization

Large language models (LLMs) work by predicting the likelihood of a sequence of words given some previous context. This is done by training a neural network on a large corpus of text, where the network learns to predict the next word in the sequence based on the surrounding context. As the models and training improve, this will only increase.

A large opportunity lies in LLM specialization that allows for more specific and accurate solutions. This includes fine-tuning on top of pre-trained, generalistic models to generate more accurate results.

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Our offer

Our in-house experts analyze client processes, understand domain specific challenges and work out solutions that can be applied to identifying use cases where LLM finetuning is a value add to your business.

Customized solutions for clients

At Contiamo, we have the knowhow on how to operate, modify, customize and maintain large language models and can assist your business in the long term with improving these models for your use cases.

Ongoing support for businesses

Whether your business already uses LLMs or not, we can advise how to implement them, help elevate existing internal prototypes, infrastructures and processes and assist integrating LLMs into existing systems.

Consulting services on LLMs

Possible Use Cases

To improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs associated with manual customer service by providing personalized and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

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Customer Service Automatization

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Inventory Management

Increase sales by providing personalized product recommendations and automating inventory management tasks by incorporating company-specific data and context

Fraud detection improves security and customer service and to quickly and accurately analyze financial data by incorporating company-specific data and context.

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Fraud Detection

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