We are Contiamo

Our vision is to empower any data enthusiast with an easy way to find, share, access and use any data.

Our mission is to make this as easy and automated as possible through reliable yet innovative technology.

Meet the team

With varied experience scaling businesses and technology infrastructures, the Contiamo leaders are perfectly placed to boost your data team.
Michael Franzkowiak, CEO of Contiamo

Michael Franzkowiak

Michael combines a deep understanding of technology with more than 10 years of scaling enterprises and doing venture investments.

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Chris Baynes, CTO of Contiamo

Chris Baynes

Chris built the SQL workbench, our powerful data integration layer. He oversees the secure and holistic integration of all data sources.

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Daniel Mahlow, co-founder of Contiamo

Daniel Mahlow

With deep expertise and experience in systems engineering and data ops, Daniel ensures that the data never stops flowing.

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Mike Linthe COO of Contiamo

Mike Linthe

With over 10 years of technology consulting experience, Mike supports your company to optimally achieve your goals.

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Company culture

Our culture is important to us. Together, we're building a company with an inclusive culture of trust and excellence in what we do.

We enjoy working together

We're here to build great things together and we believe in collaboration and being nice.

We strive for excellence

We're experts in our fields and want to learn more every day to stay on the pulse

We want to be pioneers

We don't want to copy what's out there, but challenge the status quo. We'd rather take a risk than play it safe.

You own your projects

We don't like micromanagement. Regardless of you seniority, you have full ownership of your projects.

We are transparent

We're not big on office politics. We play nice, share what we know and value open feedback

We are open

Our culture is a work in progress - feel encouraged to be yourself and share your ideas.

Strong partnerships with data leaders

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Our teams


Contiamo's platform team builds the services required to bring Contiamo to the browser. We do this using a mix of backend and frontend engineers that love Go and React, have a passion for well designed APIs, performance, and security, and are dedicated to a user-focused experience.
Led by Senior Engineer
Lucas Roesler


The tech ops team at Contiamo make sure the data never stops flowing. With Contiamo deeply embedded in the essential systems, workflows, and processes of large enterprises, it is imperative that the system operates as planned. Our tech ops team pull from the latest developments in containerization, automated scaling, and more, to ensure Contiamo can be easily deployed, managed, maintained, and updated.
Led by co-founder, Daniel Mahlow

Query Team

The foundation for Contiamo's platform is its ability to virtually integrate data and enable fast data access. Pantheon - Contiamo's query layer - is key to this mission. Built on the latest data virtualization technology, and leveraging cutting-edge open source projects, the Pantheon team keep pushing the envelope in terms of query speeds, interoperability, and core functionality.
Led by CTO & co-founder
Chris Baynes


Quite simply, the business team at Contiamo ensures that the value created by Contiamo's amazing tech team is communicated to and experienced by customers. Sales, marketing, customer success, and product come together to ensure that external communication and customer communication is aligned, while customer projects go off without a hitch.
Led by COO, Mike Linthe


Our benefits for you


Experienced team

We are an international team of experts and enjoy working with ambitious people. You will always find the right partner to discuss complex topics.

High flexibility

As a remote first company we understand that daily schedules are varying. Work on your time schedule and take breaks when necessary.

Hands-on mindset

Our goal is that everyone at Contiamo is happy and productive. We don´t get stuck in meetings and want our team to take over own responsibilities.


Shape your company

We have an open culture that allows for new ideas. Question the status quo and helps to get better everyday.

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Our homebase

We provide you with a fully equipped office at one of the top spots in Berlin (Winterfeldtmarkt). Anyway it is your choice whether you want to work from home or join us at work.


Smells like team spirit

We are a supportive, fun-loving team that enjoys hanging out together. Join us at a Feierabendbierchen or Game night and exchange with likeminded people about music, esports or whatever you like.

Open positions

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