The Data Hub

One source of data for all your use cases. Integrate, explore and consume your data in one central platform.

Access all your data in one place

Contiamo simplifies access to your data by logically integrating disparate data sources without requiring changes to the underlying data setup.

Deliver instant value

Explore, analyze, and consume data in the blink of an eye, directly from the source. Contiamo replaces slow, expensive ETL and delivers analytics in real time.

Share securely

Contiamo enables compliance and reduces governance complexity via granular access management and role-based permissions. You choose how to govern your data.

Empower data consumers

Enable business users, data scientists, and data engineers to independently access and digest data for any analytical or operational use case.

Adapt to evolving needs

Stay on top of changes to your data landscape. Contiamo adapts to the evolving needs of your business, on your terms.

The enabling centerpiece of the enterprise data landscape
Business intelligence
Data science
Data sources
Native connectors

One-click integration for the most popular traditional and modern enterprise data sources such as Oracle, Teradata, Db2, BigQuery, SAP HANA, etc.

Schema configuration language

Built-in schema configuration enables complex transformations and schema creation in an editor with familiar features such as syntax highlighting and autocompletion.

Multiple execution backends

Apache Calcite and Spark execute queries based on query complexity and cost, keeping your workload light and maintaining efficiency.

Pantheon Query Engine

Industry-grade analytical processing server and query engine to process data at lightning speed.

Enterprise connectivity

Deliver your data to any enterprise application via REST API endpoint integration and JDBC/ODBC connectivity.

Deploy anywhere

Contiamo is available in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution adapted to your situation on the ground.