Radically accelerate data access

Enable agile data projects through data virtualization and your own data marketplace

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How long does it take you to get data projects off the ground?

Up to 3 months
Standard process
Discuss use case
Multiple systems
Search for data
Phone and emails
Find data owner
Request data access
Multiple systems
Write ETL
CSV, Excel, JSON
Receive data export
With Contiamo
5 minutes
Consume anywhere
Search and discover
Request access

Data virtualization brings agility and flexibility to your data projects

No-replication data integration

Data is logically integrated, storing information on how to most efficiently access the data. This avoids costly and time-consuming data movement or replication.

Curate data sets from disparate sources

Data from different data sources is combined, transformed, and augmented, on the fly, resulting in brand new virtual data sets.

Instantly provision real-time data

Virtual data sets can be easily deployed, with data being pulled from underlying sources on demand, ensuring data is always fresh and reliable.

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The fastest and simplest way to tap into the benefits of data virtualization

Radically accelerate data projects

Data preparation and provisioning is vastly accelerated as ETL is replaced by simple SQL transformations and API deployment.

Enable enterprise-wide data access

Data consumers can search, discover and request access to data sets that are relevant to their use case.

Fast, self-service setup

With no proprietary languages and a simple UI, data engineers can begin integrating data sources in just a few minutes.

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- For data engineers -

The fastest way to deliver data

SQL-only setup
Get started in minutes, utilizing the full set of data virtualization features without learning another proprietary language.
Intelligent materializations
Intelligent materializations ensure maximum query speeds with minimum load on source systems.
Native connectors
One-click integration for the most popular traditional and modern enterprise data sources such as Oracle, Teradata, Db2, BigQuery, SAP HANA, etc.

- For data consumers -

The simplest way to deliver data

Search and discover data sets
Browse integrated data sources and virtual tables to find data relevant to your use case or application.
Explore data structures
Dig in to data structures to understand what the data set contains before requesting full access.
Easily request data access
At the click of a button, notify data stewards of your interest in gaining access to a data set.
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Contiamo selected as one of Vestbee's Top 10 Scaleups
June 25, 2019
Corporate and VC industry leaders have selected Contiamo as one of the Top 10 Scaleups in the CEE Scaleup Challenge - Central & Eastern Europe's largest scaleup challenge.
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Speedcast and Contiamo form strategic partnership
May 30, 2019
Contiamo and Speedcast have, today, announced a strategic partnership to deliver analytics solutions for optimized operational decision-making.
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Named Germany's 2nd fastest-growing software company
November 29, 2018
Contiamo has been named in Gründerszene's top 50 fastest growing digital companies, ranking second in the software category. The award is based on CAGR and company age.
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