Clear directions instead of obscure pie charts.

Contiamo provides actionable analytics for every frontline employee.

One platform for the entire data-to-action life cycle

Integrate, explore and operationalize data in one central place.

Connect to any data source

Break data silos down and query data from all external and internal data sources on the fly.

Level up your analytics

Model and develop advanced analytics models in Python, Scala and R directly in Contiamo.

Explore your data

Discover previously unseen connections in the data with an interactive self-service interface.

Easily share and discuss data

Increase your productivity with streamlined collaboration between business and data science.

Effectively execute on insights

Get from data to action faster with interactive self-service dashboards, alerts and automations.

Trusted by data disruptors

“With Contiamo, we finally have a clear picture of how our customers move across touchpoints and can use the data to orchestrate the customer journey.”

Steffen Moritz | Senior Manager Digital Touchpoints

Work better together

A collaborative platform designed to change the way data science and business work together.


Transform your business into an agile, insights-driven organization.

Data scientist

Build advanced models in R, Python or Scala and share them with one click.

Marketing & CRM

Run advanced customer journey analysis and intelligent segmentation.


Optimize your inventory and distribution with data-driven planning.

Customer service

Grow customer satisfaction with customer journey analytics and management.


Drive up sales attainment with insights embedded directly in your workflow.