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Up to 80% of the time on data projects is spent on gaining access to the right data. From finding the right data to establishing who owns or manages the data, the process can take weeks or months.

Contiamo reduces the time-to-data from months to minutes.
Moving and replicating data across platforms for data provisioning is costly and time-consuming. This process inhibits agile data projects or promotes ungoverned workarounds and shadow data creation.

Access, curate, and provision data in a single platform, with no data movement or replication.
With an explosion in the number of data sources, your data landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Understanding where data resides, what the relationship between data is, and who owns or manages it is a challenge.

Get instant transparency into your data location and relationships.
With data being sent around in CSVs, data replicated across systems, and data access being provided with no accountability, it is difficult to stay on top of data compliance.

Contiamo enables granular access policies and transparency into data usage.

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How long does it take you to get data projects off the ground?

Up to 3 months
Standard process
Discuss use case
Multiple systems
Search for data
Phone and emails
Find data owner
Request data access
Multiple systems
Write ETL
CSV, Excel, JSON
Access data
With Contiamo
5 minutes
Consume anywhere
Search and discover
Request access

- For data engineers -

The fastest way to deliver data

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- For data consumers -

The simplest way to access data

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- For the data governance team -

The compliant approach to increasing data utilization

Provide wide data access with confidence
Make non-sensitive data readily available
Make sensitive data accessible compliantly
Set flexible policies in line with your governance structures
Gain transparency into data usage across your organization
Understand the relationships between data sets
Manage your entire organization’s data landscape
Automatically detect the mishandling of sensitive data
Bring speed and efficiency to your data governance processes
Make finding data owners, experts and stewards easy for consumers
Handle data access requests transparently and effectively
Empower data stewards to independently increase the utilization of their own data
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Contiamo selected as one of Vestbee's Top 10 Scaleups
June 25, 2019
Corporate and VC industry leaders have selected Contiamo as one of the Top 10 Scaleups in the CEE Scaleup Challenge - Central & Eastern Europe's largest scaleup challenge.
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Speedcast and Contiamo form strategic partnership
May 30, 2019
Contiamo and Speedcast have, today, announced a strategic partnership to deliver analytics solutions for optimized operational decision-making.
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Named Germany's 2nd fastest-growing software company
November 29, 2018
Contiamo has been named in Gründerszene's top 50 fastest growing digital companies, ranking second in the software category. The award is based on CAGR and company age.
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