Maximize the impact of your data

With us, you are the center of attention. We find the perfect solution for your challenges and solve them with technology and data.

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97% der Daten bleiben in
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Do you struggle with ...

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... slow and complex IT systems?

Legacy infrastructures inhibit 75% of all data projects.

... problems with data transfer?

Complex and erroneous data provisioning is the most common data problem, according to Gartner surveys.

... overloaded data teams?

The growing volume of data requests pushes teams to the limits and drives up project times.

We help you!

Contiamo creates intelligent data solutions

Whether it's process improvement, revenue enhancement or cost reduction. We create data solutions for leading companies in the following areas:


With intelligent algorithms we help you to reduce your costs, generate insights and win new customers.

Data Catalog & Governance

Together with us, lay the foundations for efficient data management and successful data projects.


We implement data solutions tailored to your needs using state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks.

Data Architecture

Together we create a scalable, expandable and agile data infrastructure. We help you prepare for the future.

Why you can trust us

Contiamo stands for quality and excellence in all aspects. Our team responds to your needs and develops custom-fit solutions.

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Already more than 12 years successfully established on the market
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Over 150 projects with excellent customer satisfaction
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International and interdisciplinary team of data experts

What makes Contiamo unique


We listen.
We want to understand what drives you and what challenges you face.


We take responsibility.
We move projects forward independently and thus relieve you of pressure and stress.


We think ahead.
We put ourselves in your shoes and plan ahead.  That's how you get solutions that work in the long term.


We are creators.
We don't just talk about solutions, we make them a reality.

Contiamos awards and partnerships with techboost, Insurlab, KPMG and Gründerszene
15+ Jahre im Dataconsulting

What our customers say

Deutsche Telekom Zentrale
With Contiamo's platform, partnership, and expertise, we were able to quickly build, test, and roll out our modern data science solutions.

Claudia Pohlink

Deutsche Telekom

Was unsere Kunden sagen
Die Geduld des Contiamo-Teams ist einfach unglaublich. Nur Sie haben die Ausdauer, sich mit unseren Daten und unserer IT auseinanderzusetzen.

Andreas Wasmuss

Deutsche Telekom Zentrale
Mit Contiamos Plattform, Partnerschaft und Expertise konnten wir unsere modernen Data Science Lösungen schnell erstellen, testen und ausrollen.

Claudia Pohlink

Deutsche Telekom
CBRE office
Mit Contiamos Plattform, Partnerschaft und Expertise konnten wir unsere modernen Data Science Lösungen schnell erstellen, testen und ausrollen.


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Let's talk together about your challenges.

We are always there for our customers. Simply contact us for a non-binding conversation.

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