Unlock the value of your data and leverage AI for your business.

Contiamo is a premier consultancy and end-to-end implementation partner based in Berlin. We partner with leading businesses in Germany and Europe, harnessing the power of data, machine learning and AI.

We help our clients to increase revenue, improve efficiency and facilitate decision-making with state of the art technologies.

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Our top end-to-end data and AI services

We are your vendor-independent partner for data and AI projects. Our solution portfolio is built on two pillars: Data Services and Generative AI Solutions. We cover the entire consulting cycle, including Strategy Consulting, Coaching and Workshops and Productization and Deployment.

Generative AI

  • Large Language Models
  • Image Generation
  • Voice Solutions
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Data Engineering

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We enable data-driven applications and insights through intelligent systems and infrastructure.

Data-intensive apps

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We offer scalable cloud platforms for processing and managing large data volumes without managing infra-structure.

Data Science
and ML

Our experts use statistics and large datasets for insights and craft intelligent algorithms to solve your business challenges.

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Data Governance

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Our solutions ensure quality, security and compliance and enable confident and standard-adherent data usage.

How we work

Simply put: We deliver high quality data solutions to business problems. With over 12+ years experience in the market and over 300 projects successfully implemented, we are a trusted partner with leading technologies.

Our team responds to your needs and develops custom-fit solutions. We offer end-to-end services, from identifying business challenges to roll-out, providing our clients with a seamless experience.

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Technology Partnerships

Our data and AI experts only work with the best tech. We are huge open source fans but also partner with leading tech solution providers to enable our clients in the best way. We build best-of-breed architectures from these building blocks. Open Source enables flexibility and prevents vendor lock-in.

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