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Big oopsie

Never forget your roots

Best of breed

by Daniel Mahlow

Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

Stir it like a polaroid picture

Data scientist classification

The good, the bad and the ugly

How to protect

Is it?

The stages of naming a variable

Better than any horoscope

veni, vidi, perdidi

Some people just want to see the world burn

Project sketches out of control

You simply don't

Welcome to data science



by YfryTchsGD

Based on a true story

Searching for that damn wheels

Why do we have data quality issues?

It has never done that before

Who doesn't?

Easy would be too boring

I am gonna go with the bunny

from redd.it/tii23i

Some people just want to see the world burn 2

Every profession has its secrets

*staring angrily in data governance*

Giving up on mental health

Let's embrace insanity

A combination from 4 and 6

Twinkle twinkle little dashboard

The way to go

Files are like a box of chocolates...

Facebooks and Googles worst enemy

10/10 would watch

Why didn't the data predict this?

By Dilbert

Advanced Analytics

by Tim Elliot

Nah, we never did that

By Hedgeye

Guess I'll work

Bulletproof strategy

Extrapolating from data

Having their back

Marjin Markus

Data Trends

By Dilbert


Better create a chart to be sure

100% evil

The chosen one

I am pretty sure it is still learning

Create innovation

For the masochists among us

Setting priorities

It's raining me... APIs!

Expectation management

I mean - it is not that bad, is it?

Connecting the dots

Setting priorities straight

... and one for the suffering

Excel Master Class

Data modernization with some extra fun

I don't know why our employees don't trust data

by Tim Elliot


The forbidden topic

A matter of perspective

Employee of the year guarantee

The struggle is real

I hate when there is just no solution for a problem

Sequel Santa

Great brand identification

The real reason for trust issues

A never ending story

Misstakes, that only happen once

He got a point

It is called data surprise

Swish and flick



Fighting fire with fire

by Dilbert

Shoot yourself on the foot

One for nerds

The little prince

NLP at its best

"Good data"

by Dilbert

Everyone has weaknesses ... I guess


Neglecting reality