Data-intensive services

Many companies are struggling to keep up with the increasing volume of data and new applications. Their existing systems are inflexible and cannot handle the large amounts of data efficiently.

With deep engineering know-how Contiamo helps companies to create individual, scalable applications that generate direct business value.

Challenges of today

Valuable use cases are blocked by insufficient infrastructure and slow applications

Existing analytical and operational data systems can't be brought together for maximum added value

Missing know-how and skills due to rapid development of the data and application landscape

Our approach

Phase 1:
Problem identification & solution planning

We take both a business and an analytical perspective into account when analyzing challenges and goals.

Our starting point is a thorough analysis of the customer's needs and the given conditions in order to create ideal solutions.

The end goal and technical requirements, e.g. a system which handles 100.000 requests per second with less than 10 ms responsetime, are taken into account for possible solutions.

Phase 2:
Solution design

With our extensive experience in software development, tool implementation and consulting we create individual solution.

We leverage powerful and state-of-the-art open source frameworks to create individual solutions.

We create easily adaptable and flexible components thanks to open APIs and standards.

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Phase 3:

Our solutions are always implemented in a scalable and extensible manner, so that our customers can benefit in the long term.

Contiamos experienced developers follow state-of-the-art principles and are recognized as leading tech experts.

We also don't like lock-ins: With us, your IT will be able to maintain the solution itself after a thorough handover.

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Phase 4:

The core element of every handover for us is an intensive workshop with your IT so that they are fully capable of maintaining and developing the solutions on their own.

As we also want to enable you and your team an individual training is part of every project for us.

Documentation is also the be-all and end-all for us internally - that's why we guarantee comprehensive, precise documentation for your solution.

What a project could look like?

a remote pointing to a tv displaying different media applications
Enabling new data use cases with a modern data architecture

To realize new data services, a powerful system connecting various data sources was necessary. Using state of the art frameworks and technologies GDPR-compliant applications serving the use cases could be created.

Our principles

Individual solutions
From us, you will not receive "off the shelf" solutions, but exclusively customized solutions that fit perfectly into your architecture.

Knowledge transfer
Our goal is to empower your data team to build a scalable and efficient data ecosystem. That's why we share our experience and best practices with you.

Added value
Our solutions do not serve an purpose in themselves and their own existence. The focus is always on creating added value for users and the company.

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Michael Franzkowiak
Michael Franzkowiak, CEO