Make data access self-service and compliant, while freeing up valuable engineering resources.

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The solutions to your data challenges

Our intelligent data catalog and virtualization solution can be applied to solve many challenges and help transform enterprise companies into agile, data-driven organizations.


Whatever your role, Contiamo provides you with the tools you need to drive value across your organization.

Self-service data marketplace

Complexity in the enterprise data landscape, resulting from huge organic growth in the use of data, has made data access a key challenge. The data you need to drive business value is spread across multiple systems, duplicated, or even lost.

Furthermore, finding the data is only the first step. Understanding who manages the data and how you can get access to it within your systems and workflow is often the larger challenge.

Contiamo provides a single point of access for data consumers from across the business to proactively discover, access, and consume the data they need, without waiting for overwhelmed IT teams.

Empower data consumers
Save valuable IT resources
Accelerate data projects
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With a flexible permission structure and granular access policies all managed in a single platform, data governance and compliance becomes efficient, effective, and secure.


Efficient data compliance

Data is the most valuable asset your organization has. Protecting that asset amidst the growing demands of data usage and exploding data volumes is key, especially with stricter regulations around data privacy, protection, and compliance.

Data governance, however, must not get in the way of business growth. Data-driven organizations must find a way for rigorous compliance and fast data access to coexist.

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Powerful data curation

Inflexible, slow legacy systems make working with data difficult. Whether it's a CRM system or a customer database, your data is going untapped. When data is extracted, it is often exported into CSV files, slowing down your workflow, and impeding your ability to obtain key insights.

Furthermore, if and when you are finally able to work with the data, it is no longer real-time. Any insights gained may already be outdated.

Contiamo centralizes data from all your systems and provides a comfortable UI to query, combine, explore, and transform your data, with no costly data movement or replication.

Enrich your data analysis
Accelerate your time-to-insight
Make faster business decisions
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Contiamo provides seamless data delivery functionality. Curate custom data sets in minutes, iterate in seconds, and deliver them to platforms, such as Tableau, in one click.

ACCELERATE data delivery
save data engineering resources
Avoid costly data replication

Flexible data delivery

IT & engineering departments are overwhelmed with requests for data access and custom data sets that are required to kick off or operationalize data projects. Setting up ETL processes is overkill for many requests but alternatives, such as data exports, are inefficient and questionable from a governance-perspective.

Setting up an agile, flexible data delivery process is key to driving a culture of data experimentation and fast development in enterprise organizations.

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Trusted by global data leaders

"Contiamo's platform, partnership, and expertise has enabled us to quickly test, iterate, and deploy data science solutions."

Claudia Pohlink

Head of AI, Deutsche Telekom

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