Complying with data governance guidelines made easy

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data governance permission management
Role management and access permissions in the catalog

Data governance as the key to success

Compliance with data governance policies remains a major challenge for many organizations today. Data governance policies define how data is managed throughout its lifecycle. Proper adherence to data governance guidelines guarantees the quality of data, ensures data privacy, data integrity and data security. Data governance is therefore a very comprehensive topic, and one that is central to future competitiveness. Data governance should be part of every data strategy.

This is precisely where a data catalog can simplify processes and provide structures. Contiamo integrates the possibility of defining roles in its Data Catalog in order to combine rules, documentation and processes in one place and thus enable compliance with data governance guidelines.

Promote your data strategy through governance

Various other aspects are grouped under the complex term of data governance. For example: 

  • Central data models
  • Data interoperability
  • Valuation 
  • Ownership and accountability rules
  • Data quality
  • Cooperation
  • Entire data cycle

The Contiamo Data Catalog supports you in all these aspects. As the heart of your data, it helps you to implement your data strategy by combining data rules, processes, documentation and responsibilities in one central point. Compliance with data governance guidelines made easy!

data governance data lifecycle
Central knowledge point for all data governance-relevant information

Make the most out of improved data governance

Establish data transparency

IT departments are very aware of the complex, distributed and opaque data landscape. Google-like search, inventory overviews and clear role definitions make ownership and access management easy for your experts.

Historically-grown, complex data architectures are the cause of duplicated or lost data, as well as data being spread across different systems.
Data catalog search data discovery
Performant search across all data sources

Promote efficient data usage with the data profiler

Our AI-based data profiler gives you valuable insights about queried data at a glance. Quickly assess data quality and identify problematic systems for optimisation.

Profitable application of new technologies like AI, automation, and IoT requires good data quality and data management.
data profiler data quality data statistics
Data quality check with the data profiler

Track compliance with data governance policies

The Data Catalog, with its mapping of relationships between data assets, data lineage, and integrated data stewardship function, supports a centralized location for documenting usage.

Often, only a fraction of the data produced (about 1%) is centrally prepared in a way that allows employees to use it in a documented way.
Data relationships data lineage
Investigate relationships between different data sources and types

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