Combining data compliance and business growth

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dataset compliance information
Direct view on compliance-relevant information

Your clear and fast way to compliance

Data can be a valuable asset to your organization. The protection of this resource has also been enshrined in law in 2018 in form of the GDPR. Strict data protection, data security and compliance regulations have been defined. New technologies for data use and exploding data volumes present companies with a variety of challenges.

Seamless integration of compliance and business

However, data governance should not stand in the way of business growth. On the contrary, a data-driven organization with well-established governance can act much more efficiently and generate many added values.

Contiamo supports your compliance team to accelerate access requests, ensure compliance accountability and prevent non-compliant practices.

data compliance permission management
Intuitive user interface for permission management

Experience the data compliance advantages

Benefit from intuitive admin roles

We offer a simple yet comprehensive role and permission system that helps you establish clean governance. With our powerful filtering and masking capabilities, you can determine at a granular level which users see which data.

of analytics projects are constrained by compliance concerns.
data catalog user management role
Documentation view for user management

Grant and revoke data access efficiently with just a few clicks

Define responsibilities quickly and easily with the roles Data Owner, Data Steward, and Data User. This straightforward governance system promotes accountability, transparency, and agility.

Cross-industry studies found that up to 70% of employees have access to data they shouldn't have.
data set access request compliance
Request access to data sets

Consolidate your access management systems

Contiamo acts as an access layer between end users and source systems. Customized access management via individually definable rules gives you the ability to tailor compliance to your company needs.

Not only introduction of ML/AI projects, but also data compliance is an area that urgently requires a modern data architecture.
data access management data stewardship
Customizable role management

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