Renowned solutions team
Our team has industry, technical and project expertise and is ready to support you.
Focus on the business problem
Our problem-focused process delivers valuable solutions to some of the world's largest enterprises.
Flexible deployment options
We are infrastructure-agnostic - solutions can be deployed on our infrastructure or on yours.

Tailor-made, data science solutions to your business challenges

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We start from the business problem

Business units must be engaged from the start in order to deliver relevant results.

We assemble an expert team

Our team has cross-industry expertise. We ensure the best people are assigned to your project.

We have realistic expectations

Unlike other vendors, we don't promise the world. We are ambitious, but know what's possible so won't oversell.

We work fast and iteratively

We aim to deliver first results within days, enabling you to test solutions in the hands of real users.

We build solutions for deployment

We know what it takes to get data science into enterprise deployment. We are your partner every step of the way.

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What makes us different?
We are not just consultants. We have the business, data science and technical expertise to build you enterprise-scale solutions, ready for deployment.
Track record
We are trusted by Europe and Asia's largest companies, with solutions in deployment that interact with and drive vital operational systems.
Our solutions team is accelerated by cutting-edge technology. The Contiamo platform enables us to quickly integrate your data to kickstart projects.
A team built for enterprise data projects
Diverse expertise across business, data science and engineering are essential to delivering successful data projects. Our team has those skills and is ready to support you.
Project management
Initiation, planning, execution and controlling of the project and ensuring that your business knowledge is addressed properly
Data engineering
Gathering, collection, storing, processing and enrichment of data relevant to the solution project
Data science
Exploration of the data and leveraging of data science models to answer the project's fundamental business questions
Provision of required infrastructure, maintenance, IT support and IT security throughout the solution project
Meet our solution team leads
We have built an experienced solutions team comprised of expert consultants, industry-leading data scientists and enterprise IT architecture specialists.
Matthias Schröer
Head of Solution Delivery
Matthias leads the solutions team applying his vast experience implementing data projects for multinational companies at consultancies, such as McKinsey.
Daniel Mahlow
Head of TechOps
With deep expertise in systems engineering, Daniel's role ensures that our solutions are production-ready, portable and interoperable with your infrastructure.
Dr. Ian Solliec
Chief Data Scientist
Ian worked in data science teams in blue chip financial institutions for over a decade. He ensures the data science team deliver accurate, powerful models.
Chris Baynes
Chief Technical Officer
Chris and his team built Contiamo Pantheon - our powerful data integration layer. He oversees the secure and holistic integration into your data sources.
Start from the business problem
We build solutions that capitalize on data to solve real business challenges. Our process ensures that projects are always focused on business outcomes.
Problem identification
Identification of the problem or opportunity within a specific business unit
Scope definition
Definition of clear scope ensuring focus on the agreed upon outcomes
Data exploration
Determination of data quality, predictive power and testing of hypotheses
Implementation of solution in biweekly sprints ensuring flexibility and fast iteration
Delivery of solution into our infrastructure or ported into your infrastructure
Reference cases
We have significant experience delivering data science solutions for Europe and Asia's largest companies
Production downtime predictions
for a global chemical manufacturer
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Insurance claims routing
for one of the world's largest insurers
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Demand forecasting and resource allocation
for Deutsche Bahn Cargo
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Flexible deployment dependent on your requirements
We don't lock you in. You are free to deploy the solutions into our infrastructure or on yours.
Portable application
Packaged solution ready for deployment into your internal infrastructure
Application is bundled with maximum interoperability with your existing systems
Models are deployed as stateless functions, requiring no connection to real-time data sources
Optionally, a user interface, with connection to the function, can be included
Ongoing support from our data science team for model refinement and adaption
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Managed deployment
Production-ready solution deployed into our platform infrastructure
Rapid solution delivery on our platform made possible by a cutting-edge infrastructure
Service provided by our team from data science support to ongoing monitoring and maintenance
Continuous and automatic model refinement with models being trained on live data
Resources are automatically scaled to most efficiently meet production requirements
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Our unique data hub simplifies data access and accelerates data science projects
Securely integrate your data in minutes
Organize data and begin exploration instantly
Seamlessly consume your data in data science models
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"We work with Contiamo on an ongoing basis, working closely to develop custom solutions. Their varied experience enables them to consistently deliver valuable use cases, such as customer risk analysis and product recommendations."

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