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React to data requests at lightning speed, ensuring data projects are improved rather than delayed by data access

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The Contiamo data virtualization layer natively integrates with all your enterprise data sources

React to data requests in minutes

Access and combine data from any data source
Get an automatic inventory of integrated data sources and their tables
Receive recommendations for data sets that can be joined by common IDs
Access the full suite of data virtualization capabilities using SQL
Iterate on custom data sets in seconds
Transform, mask, augment, or customize data at the click of a button
Review and edit SQL queries in our visual query builder
Empower data consumers to make simple changes independently
Provide universal access to any data set
Seamlessly connect to any application using the standard Postgres protocol
Make data available in custom frontends via authenticated REST APIs
List custom data sets in Contiamo’s Intelligent Data Catalog

Get the best of both ETL and data virtualization

Reduce data replication and movement
Connect to data sources virtually with no physical data movement
Combine data from multiple sources in virtual databases with no replication
Query data directly from source systems so data is always fresh
Protect critical source systems from overloading
When it is necessary to do so, materialize data into managed databases
Automatically limit the query load on a data source and data consumer level
Identify peaks in data consumption over time and by consumer
Enable near-real-time access to data from slow, legacy databases
Persist data from legacy databases in modern databases, such as Postgres and Clickhouse
Make the persisted data sets available for near-real-time use cases
Use intelligent refresh schedules to ensure data is as fresh as possible

Flexibly manage your data landscape

Gain transparency into your organization’s data landscape

Understand how different data sources are related, where opportunities to consolidate exist, and how data sets are being consumed by users and applications.

Easily review and improve data quality

Get an instant profile of all data sets to review data quality and where necessary, augment data with related data sets to improve usability.

Unify data access during migration to the cloud

Ensure your data consumers aren’t locked out during the time-consuming migration to the cloud. Provide access to all your data, whether in legacy databases or in the cloud.

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