The Contiamo Data Governance Center

Increase the utilization of your organization's data, without compromising on compliance

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The Contiamo Data Governance Center enables governance of all common data sources

Provide wide data access with confidence

Make non-sensitive data readily available

Remove the burden of data access requests for data that does not need to be tightly controlled to expand the set of data that is freely available across the organization.

Make sensitive data accessible compliantly

Provide data consumers with the ability to review metadata and data structures before requesting access, while masking or pseudonymizing specific columns to enable GDPR-compliant consumption.

Set policies in line with your governance structures

Assign data owners, stewards, and experts to fit your data governance structures and control access management through native integration with Active Directory and Kerberos.

Gain transparency into data usage across your organization

Understand the relationships between data sets
Horizontal data lineage to understand data origins and usage
Vertical data lineage to review column-to-column lineage
Automated detection of joinable data sets with common identifiers
Manage your entire organization's data landscape
Review duplicate data sets to reduce inefficient data storage
Identify key data consumers and highly-sought-after data sets
Instantly review which data sets are being consumed by which tools, endpoints, and users
Automatically detect the mishandling of sensitive data
Detect sensitive (PII) data through machine learning
Detect when sensitive data is uploaded through shadow data sources (CSV, JSON, etc.)
Mask sensitive data by default for those without unrestricted data access

Bring speed and efficiency to your data governance processes

Make finding data owners, experts and stewards easy for consumers

Ensure all data sets have the necessary governance structures in place and provide consumers with a single source of truth for data source contacts.

Handle data access requests transparently and effectively

Provide data consumers with an easy and fast way of requesting access to data. Give data stewards the means and information to quickly, but thoroughly, review requests.

Empower data stewards to independently increase utilization of their own data

Decentralize decision making and empower data stewards to set policies on their own data sets, adhering to corporate data policies.

Deploy securely without disrupting your infrastructure

Deploy anywhere, dependent on your specific requirements
Set up Contiamo on-premise, in a managed cloud or hybrid infrastructure
Set up Contiamo from your AWS or Azure instance in less than 5 minutes
Containerize deployments for seamless scaling
Separate consumers from critical source systems, where necessary
Keep data replication and movement to a minimum
Set policies to limit query load on source systems that underpin critical business processes
Store data in separated, managed databases with custom refresh schedules
Enable exploration of data without moving or copying it out of source systems
Remove the ability to materialize data, where replication is against data policy

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