Personalize every customer interaction

Whether the interaction is service or sales-oriented, use machine learning to drive greater personalization and achieve better outcomes

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Customer satisfaction
Drive customer satisfaction through an optimized customer journey and more efficient contact center operations.
Customer churn
Reduce churn through the early identification and targeting of customers that are at a high risk of churn.
Target customers effectively by leveraging your expanding product portfolio and understanding of your customers.
Growing product portfolio, increasing service complexity
Your product set continues to grow, with investments in, for example, the area of smart devices. As such, the customer journey is becoming more complex.

The strain is felt particularly in customer service, where agents are expected to deal with an ever-expanding set of customer issues. Meanwhile, customers are becoming more digitally-inclined.

These trends are combining to provide you, the telecommunications provider, with the data to gain a more holistic view of your customer.
Use cases in telecommunications
Our use cases in the telecom industry enable companies to better understand their customers' journeys through a disparate sales and service landscape, in order to provide better service and make more sales.
Next best action recommendations
Enable your customer service agents to take the best action during every interaction, with customer-specific next best actions.
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Customer journey optimization
Build a holistic view of how your customers move through your service infrastructure, from self-service to IVR to contact centers.
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Product recommendations
Intelligently segment your customers and determine the right offer, channel and time to maximize up- and cross-selling effectiveness.
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