Gain a holistic market awareness

Leverage internal and external market data to gain awareness, spot market trends and support valuation, purchasing and rental decisions

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Market awareness
Gain a faster, holistic market awareness through consolidated data in one interface.
Valuation accuracy
Undetsand the variables that drive price and model the price of individual properties.
Return on investment
Make better rental and purchasing decisions through valuation predictions and market trend analysis.
The new real estate consumer is empowered
Whether you are an estate agency, a real estate service providers or investor, your customer has access to more data than ever before. In minutes, your customers are able to find and collect data on the market or specific properties that would have been impossible to collect in the past.

The wide availability of external market data means this new real estate consumer can instantly compare your offering as it relates to the rest of the market and make an informed decision, potentially without even interacting with you.

In order to ensure those customer decisions go your way, you must also leverage this data. You must gain and maintain your competitive advantage by combining this external data with the wealth of data you have built internally. You must turn that data into valuable and powerful insights that drive the decisions you make within this new, transparent real estate market.
Our real estate use cases
Our real estate use cases leverage the wealth of available market data . We enable you gain full market awareness and receive recommendations relevant to your business.

Market intelligence dashboard

Bring together all external and internal data in a dynamic user interface that changes depending on the decision or action needing to be taken. Users will be served up the information that is only relevant to their role on an individual property or market overview level, enabling them to take the right action fast, with confidence that their decision is informed and correct.

Intelligent property valuations

Automate repetitive analysis conducted by property valuation teams and use machine learning to spot market trends and identify positive and negative drivers of property price. Based on all available property attributes, use models to deliver property valuation figures and ranges to valuation teams, along with previously-sold comparable property listings.

Lease and purchase recommendations

Use publicly available property listings to identify purchase and lease listings that represent significant return-on-investment opportunities. Models identify these opportunities based on all available property attributes including location, size, renovation status, among others, to deliver recommendations in which the quality of the property is objectively higher than the price suggests.

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