Optimize your production processes

Use predictive manufacturing to fulfil customer demand, optimize maintenance requirements and define product line manufacturing schedules

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Machinery downtime
Prevent machinery breakdown by predicting breakdown and determining root causes.
Production output
Increase output through reduced machinery downtime and data-driven product line manufacturing schedules.
Slack inventory
Effectively predict changing customer demand to make better inventory and manufacturing decisions.
Industry 4.0 is here - don't get left behind
The advent of IoT and smart machines has ensured that production processes are generating enormous amounts of data.

These rich and vast data sets provide a significant opportunity to support and enhance stagnant and outdated production processes.

This data can be used to improve decision-making within the production process to increase increasing output, reduce costs and drive more reliability in your production process.
Use cases in production
Our production use cases enable you to capitalize on the wealth of data being created by customers, processes and machinery to optimize all your production line and warehouse processes.
OEE optimization
Create a dynamic production plan that evolves depending on real-time batch orders and optimizes quality and machinery output.
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Demand forecasting
Inform inventory, production and discount decisions using accurate and granular product line demand forecasts.
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Predictive maintenance
Identify anomalies in sensor data streams to predict degradation of machinery components and deploy technicians to minimize downtime.
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With significant experience in heavy industries, working with some of Germany's largest manufacturers, Contiamo is perfectly positioned to address the challenges you are facing. Get in touch to discuss our existing use cases or other opportunities that you see.

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