Optimize your production processes

Use predictive manufacturing to fulfil customer demand, optimize maintenance requirements and define product line manufacturing schedules

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Machinery downtime
Prevent machinery breakdown by predicting breakdown and determining root causes.
Production output
Increase output through reduced machinery downtime and data-driven product line manufacturing schedules.
Slack inventory
Effectively predict changing customer demand to make better inventory and manufacturing decisions.
Industry 4.0 is here - don't get left behind
The advent of IoT and smart machines has ensured that production processes are generating enormous amounts of data. The generation of these vast and rich data sets, with data varying from sensor data to quality control data, provides a significant challenge and opportunity to the manufacturing industry.

One challenge is how to effectively manage and operationalize this data. With so many distributed data streams - each individual machine, for example, providing a distinct data stream - data storage, integration and operationalization is a challenge. Furthermore, many manufacturing companies have production and business processes that have been relatively stagnant for years or even decades. These processes are integral to the delivery of essential outputs for their end customer. The challenge is implementing intelligence through these processes in a way that supports and enhances, rather than disrupts these integral processes.

However, these are challenges that manufacturers must face in order to thrive in the Industry 4.0 era. Competitors are successfully leveraging their data to support and automate decisions within the production process that are increasing outputs, reducing costs and driving more reliability in their production. To keep up, manufacturers must explore use cases that can turn their rich data sets into action.
Our production use cases
Our production use cases enable you to capitalize on the wealth of data being created by customers, processes and machinery to optimize all your production line and warehouse processes.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Optimization

Integrate customer orders, late delivery penalties, downtime and switching costs for different product lines and real-time equipment outputs. Leverage this data to create a dynamic production plan that evolves depending on real-time batch orders. Furthermore, algorithms measure the effective use of equipment, optimizing quality and alerting to production line quality.

Production Demand Forecasting

Leverage real-time and historical order data to effectively predict customer demand. Identify trends across product lines and taking into account seasonality, to predict short- and long-term customer demand. Use customer demand forecasts to inform inventory, production and discount decisions, increasing revenue and reducing slack inventory.

Predictive Maintenance

Draw on historical data on machinery sensors, component breakdown and maintenance schedules to identify drivers of machinery downtime. Optimize maintenance and repair schedules to avoid unnecessary maintenance. Meanwhile, identify, in real-time, anomalies in sensor data streams to predict degradation of machinery components and deploy technicians to minimize machinery downtime.

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