Maximize your output across production lines

Introduce dynamicity into your production plan, enable real-time changes to optimize the effectiveness of your machinery across all product lines

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Equipment throughput
Increase throughput of individual machines by reducing inefficient product line switches.
Overall output value
Maximize output across your production line by implementing the optimal production plan.
Late delivery penalties
Predict late deliveries in sufficient time to alter production plans and reduce penalties.
The most efficient processes are those powered by data
Since the industrial revolution, production managers have sought to maximize the outputs of their production processes. In early manufacturing processes, this task was relatively simple. You had single-product production lines with relatively few, perhaps mostly manual, steps in the process.

However, the advent of advanced machinery has enabled individual production lines to deal with the ever-expanding product portfolio of large pharmaceutical companies. The task of a production manager is now not so simple.

In an environment where a production line must deal with manufacturing multiple products; where quality must be exceptionally high; and where outages or throughput reduction is hugely costly, production managers must use their data effectively.
Pharmaceutical use case
Your pharmaceutical production line is dealing with many different product lines. We enable you to efficiently maximize output across product lines.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Optimization

Integrate customer orders, late delivery penalties, downtime and switching costs for different product lines and real-time equipment outputs. Leverage this data to create a dynamic production plan that evolves depending on real-time batch orders. Furthermore, algorithms measure the effective use of equipment, optimizing quality and alerting to production line quality.

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