Optimize your route and capacity

Predict customer demand and the duration of cargo journeys, while providing customers with real-time transparency to the state and location of their cargo.

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Customer satisfaction
Provide customer with peace of mind through increased transparency and control over their cargo.
Effective fleet capacity
Accurately predict demand, reduce idle capacity and increase your available fleet capacity.
Order fulfillment
Identify bottlenecks, shortages and surpluses across your network and redistribute your fleet.
Customers are demanding greater transparency
The logistics industry has vast, complex distribution networks that are highly integral to their customers’ business.

These networks are expected to run seamlessly; securely distribute large quantities of goods quickly; and adapt to changing customer demands.

Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied to turn the unpredictability into routine; to turn chaos into order.
Use cases in logistics
We have a number of use cases that enable logistics companies to provide greater transparency to their customers, while more efficiently moving cargo from A to B.
Empty container optimization
Provide recommendations to disposition teams focused on how to move containers in the most cost- and time-efficient way.
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Cargo environment control
Use IoT sensors and advanced analytics to detect early warning signals and prevent the degradation of cargo.
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Policy cross- and up-selling
Identify drivers of fleet breakdown to respond to issues in good time and optimize your fleet maintenance schedules.
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Contiamo selected by Deutsche Bahn Mindbox

DB Mindbox selected Contiamo to join their accelerator program, where Contiamo worked directly with their transport vessel disposition team at DB Cargo to predict the duration of cargo journeys.

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