Intelligently support claims management

Guide claims to the optimal claims handler with case-by-case next best action recommendations

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Claim processing speed
Reduce the requirement for repetitive analysis and decision fatigue resulting in increased speed.
Cost per claim
Deliver recommendations that empower claims handlers to take the most cost-effective actions
Net promoter score
Maximize customer satisfaction through claims personalization and reduced time to resolution.
Low-touch insurers are disrupting your industry
Powering their processes with AI, low-touch providers deliver a seamless customer experience with claims payouts in as little as 3 seconds.

But incumbents still have the competitive advantage - their data.

Data science, machine learning and AI can be applied to enable your employees to take rapid and informed decision making in claims management, underwriting and fraud assessment.
Use cases in insurance
We have experience with a number of use cases in the areas of claims management, customer service and sales in the insurance industry.
AI-driven claims recommendations
Enable claims handlers to take a personalized approach with every claim, balancing customer satisfaction, speed and cost-effectiveness.
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Automated claims routing
Optimize your claims assignment process, ensuring every claim ends up in the hands of the right team and handler.
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Policy cross- and up-selling
With few customer touch points, turn the claims management process from a service engagement into a sales opportunity.
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Driving intelligence in automotive claims

Contiamo is working with a large P&C insurer in Europe, enabling their 150+ automotive claims handlers take better action with each claim.

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