Manage risk and drive revenue

Apply data science to make more informed decisions about the provision of credit, account terms and targeted sales offers

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Customer churn
Provide a more diverse set of products to customers incorrectly flagged as high-risk.

Target customers effectively by leveraging your expanding product portfolio and understanding of your customers.
Loan defaults
Provide customers with timely debt mitigation steps through longer term identification of credit risks.
Traditional banks must be more courageous
Over decades, banks have accumulated vast amounts of data. With data on account transaction history to credit defaults, large incumbents in the banking industry hold the keys to important financial patterns. These patterns can be drawn upon to better manage risk and drive further revenue.

However, a traditionally closed industry, the banking sector in many cases have been reluctant to embrace the technological change that would allow them to fully grasp these opportunities. But the industry is changing. Innovative market leaders and digital-native disruptors are evolving banking operations.

Incumbents maintain a strong competitive advantage - their historical data. They must draw on this data to effectively understand their customers’ behaviour. This understanding provides great opportunities within the banking sector, allowing incumbents to change their approach to risk management and better serve their customers.

Banks must be courageous. They must rapidly and securely utilize their data. They must embrace technological innovation.
Our banking use cases
Banks must assess risk and understand their customers demands. Contiamo's banking use cases enables banks to target their customers with the products they want, ensuring they fit within a given risk profile.

Credit Risk Management

Integrate the balance sheets of your entire customer base, in addition to historical balance sheet snapshots and credit or loan defaults. Call upon data science models to use this data in assessing the credit worthiness of each customer and their risk attributes compared to specific credit terms and products.

Product Recommendations

Identify attributes of customers that are drivers of demand for specific products or services. In unison, identify products or services that are likely to be combined within customer accounts. Apply the outputs to real-time customer account data to make recommendations to branch or account managers to make product recommendations during customer interactions.

Intelligent Customer Segmentation

Apply segmentation models to categorize your customers based on their unique behavioural patterns. Identify customers that require specific service attention due to their high lifetime value or risk of churning. Furthermore, use the segments to target customers with additional products or services through personalized marketing or sales campaigns.

"We work with Contiamo on an ongoing basis, working closely to develop custom solutions. Their varied experience enables them to consistently deliver valuable use cases, such as customer risk analysis and product recommendations."

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