Leverage the connected customer

Operationalize the increasing number of customer touchpoints you have as an operator in the automotive industry to drive better experiences and increase sales

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Customer satisfaction
Understand and mitigate customer issues through analysis of post-sale customer behavior.
Sales revenue
Maximize onlline and dealership customer purchases by predicting your customers' demands and budget.
Average discount
Model discount requirements for models approaching end-of-life by leveraging long-term demand predictions.
Your customers are talking to you - start listening
From the dealership to connected vehicles to social media, your customers are providing you with information. They are providing you with unprecedented insights into to their habits and desires; their lifestyle and priorities.

On the one side, these insights are arriving in the form both structured unstructured data; arriving both ad hoc and in continuous streams of vast amounts of data; being delivered to both your existing systems and to new internal and external data sources. Managing and accessing this data is a challenge, requiring a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure.

Additionally, you have countless potential outputs for the insights this data provides.  Operationalizing these insights could empower your dealerships to multiply sales; your production teams to enhance features; and your service centers to reduce warranty replacements.
Our automotive use cases
In the automotive industry, our focus is on pre-and-post sale customer insights. We enable our automotive clients to better understand their customers, in order to personalize sales offerings and provide better service.

Dealership discount optimization

Leverage historical sales data from across your dealership network, along with vehicle inventory and production costs, to predict demand and dealerships’ price elasticity. Determine the optimal discount for each vehicle and dealership to maximize margin and sales, especially for older models.

Next best offer for dealerships

Deploy a dynamic interface to dealerships, enabling their salespeople to combine previously-known customer data with real-time customer demands provided during sales interactions. The interface feeds salespeople with the right vehicle, price and add-ons for that specific customer.

After sales support

Combine vehicle telemetry data with customer service and repair shop touchpoints to predict customer issues before they occur. When they do occur, empower repair shops or customer service to solve issues quickly and efficiently by providing accurate predictions of the issue and next best action recommendations.

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We are working with one of the largest German automotive companies, among others, enabling them to better operationalize their data. Get in touch to discuss your business or technical requirements.

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