Workbench-Catalog integration

Consume data and metadata simultaneously

Our combination of data virtualization and a data catalog makes exploring, accessing, and consuming data a breeze.

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Discover, consume, curate in one platform
Don't jump between tools. Contiamo is your one-stop-shop for data discovery, curation, and consumption.
Ensure catalog data is always up-to-date
With Contiamo directly accessing your source data, you can quickly see when connections break.
Preview metadata during data set curation
While curating data sets, you can review important metadata and understand which additional data sets might add value.

Other features that make Contiamo the ideal platform for your organization

External data consumption

In a matter of minutes, set up authenticated access to any platform that supports the Postgres Protocol.
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Metadata repository

From who owns data to the business context of that data, browse all that information in a central place.
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