Single sign on (SSO)

Manage access to Contiamo with your organization's SSO solution

Use the login flow that your company is used to with Azure and Google SSO available out-of-the-box.

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Use the login flow that you're used to
There's no need to remember and manage additional login credentials. Login with the details you use across other platforms.
Easily authenticate new users
Use the Contiamo user management functionality to add new users that can access the platform through SSO.
Revoke access to ex-employees
Once a user's Azure or Google credentials are no longer valid, the user will lose access to the Contiamo platform.

Other features that make Contiamo the ideal platform for your organization

Permission management

With flexible access rights, Contiamo can be the governance layer that ensures rigorous data compliance.
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External data consumption

In a matter of minutes, set up authenticated access to any platform that supports the Postgres Protocol.
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