Build your ETLs quickly and in collaborative way

Quickly find and understand your ETL queries and create transparency over data usage and dependencies.

Find and understand ETL queries

Contiamo helps you to share ETLs, document existing pipelines and supports your communication with business departments

Transparency over existing data

Building ETLs can be a cumbersome and hard process. Often it is unclear where the needed data for business requirements is located and whether some of that data is already in place in your DWH.

With Contiamo you get a complete and browsable overview on all data including their structures within source systems and the DWH itself.

data catalog showing relationships, documentation, metadata of pipelines

Collaborative data set creation

Our SQL Workbench enables you to query, combine and visualize any data from all your sources.
Identify your source structures dynamically and on-the-fly together with your business counterpart.

With our technology you can immediately showcase, how the result data will look like and create a helpful
documentation that describes the necessary steps to the final ETL. Additionally you can leverage our business glossary to create a common understanding of your data across departments.

Automated ETL synchronisation

A data catalog is only as good as its content. Therefor we built Contiamo as an open and flexible platform that supports various APIs to sync data. No matter what tool you use, there are different abilities like out-of-the-box connectors, sync agent or easy to setup scripts to keep all your ETLs in sync and make them accessible throughout your team.

Use Contiamo as the central place to coordinate, document and share your ETL pipelines.

Contiamo connects multiple datawarehouses and other data sources
SQL lineage extraction along the data stream

SQL lineage extraction

Through our integrated SQL Lineage extraction you are able to see dependencies and restrictions of any query within seconds.

This helps you to directly identify a potential impact of changes at an existing ETL and gives you transparency on all the sources that are used to create the result.

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