Rapidly create, analyze and explore new data sets

Our SQL workbench allows you to combine and create data from different sources empowered by rich metadata

creation and exploration of data sets by connecting all data sources and assets

Dataset creation is one of most important and time-consuming activities within data engineering. In a fast moving world with growing business requirements it is essential to deliver new datasets quickly and make sharing of this data available. In the following part you will learn how Contiamo supports a rapid and intelligent dataset creation and provides tools to analyze the data immediately. Furthermore we show you how you can curate this data and share it easily within your organization.

1. Explore available data

With the Contiamo data catalog you can browse all available assets and data structures to identify the data you need.

Through a clear documentation and business context our powerful search helps you to locate the needed data in seconds. Customizable filters help you to narrow down the search.

search the data catalog for different assets with powerful filters

2. Analyze the data

A first impression of the identified data can be gained through our data profiling abilities within the catalog. See example values, statistical information and the distribution of the real data in an intuitive interface.

For further analysis BI tools like Tableau or PowerBI can be connected in only 2 clicks. This allows an even deeper analysis of the data.

3. Curate the data

We believe in the power of SQL as the best way to work with your data. Thats why we created a SQL workbench, which gives you all the flexibility. Query and combine data from any source while considering access management and data governance.
After you identified and analyzed your data, it is time to clean it up, reassemble it or combine it with other data.

SQL query data integration sql workbench data source federated queries materialization

We built 3 modes to make your daily work easier:

Direct query mode

Use our direct access to any Database in your landscape and query the data through its native SQL dialect.

Virtualization mode

Create ad-hoc queries through our virtualization layer and combine multiple sources within seconds

Federated queries

Use our Apache Spark integration to create complex new data-sets from different sources

4. Share the data

Now that you have successfully found the data you need, curated it and created a beautiful SQL query around it the next step is sharing it with your colleagues or the business department.

With Contiamo you simply save the query in a new view or in a materialized view. This can be done either directly in Contiamo or in any connected datasource (e.g. your cloud data warehouse). By saving the query, you directly make it available for everyone within the catalog.

“The Contiamo workbench provides you with a powerful SQL editor, with built-in lineage analysis, that lets you query any data source you've connected to the platform. You can even perform cross database joins using our highly scalable spark engine.”
Chris Baynes, CTO of Contiamo
Chris Baynes, expert for data integration

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