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The entire organization is transitioning to becoming data-driven. For the IT & data engineering teams, this means an explosion in requests for data access. It means new infrastructure requirements and added complexity in data storage, delivery, and consumption processes. Already-stretched tech teams are inundated with requests for custom data, infrastructure overhauls, and innovation projects.How can you stay ahead of the game?

How can you ease data consumers' frustrations while delivering long-term IT readiness?


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Explosion in data requests

Data initiatives in every business unit in your organization are being prioritized. With each new initiative comes new requests for custom data sets, delivered in the relevant tools, workflows, and processes, in a compliant manner. Enable self-service data discovery, curation, and consumption with Contiamo.

less time spent data wrangling when you have an enterprise data catalog

Inflexible infrastructure

ETL is rigid and clunky, and not well-suited to the demands of agile data projects. A lack of alternatives has seen a proliferation of shadow data, with custom data sets sent around the organization as CSVs or Parquet files. Contiamo uses data virtualization to enable fast delivery of curated data, filtered and masked depending on a user's permission level.


Data transparency

IT and data engineering departments are all too aware of the complex, distributed, and opaque data landscape. What data exists where, ownership and access management responsibilities, data structures and meaning are often all unknown. In addition to wrangling and delivering data, data engineers must first search and understand the data themselves.

improvement in business performance when data is found in a timely manner

Resource constraints

IT and data engineering departments are being pulled between short-term data requests and long-term strategic infrastructure initiatives. Centralizing data into a data lake is a behemoth effort, requiring massive resources. In the meantime, data projects require custom data sets from legacy, disparate systems. Using Contiamo, you can simultaneously centralize data and provide easy data access.

think IT department is too busy to respond to requests quickly

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