Central metadata management

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dataset metadata data relations
View metadata, relationships, and important information directly in the catalog

Metadata management - the foundation of a data culture

Metadata management is the structured provision and maintenance of metadata. The goal of good metadata management is to increase data quality and speed up the provision and retrieval of suitable data records. Well-maintained metadata and clean metadata management are the basis for the meaningful use of data catalogs.

Metadata describe a company's own datasets, make them findable, and provide necessary context for interpretation. In addition, they establish a link between the logical and technical data model and enable the definition of dependencies (lineage).

End-to-end image of your data

In the Contiamo data catalog you can create all relevant metadata accessible in one central location, such as 

  • Business definitions
  • Management of reference metadata
  • Data architecture information 
  • Data governance policies
  • Data strategy rules and regulations 
  • Associated functions

A data catalog as a platform for metadata management allows end-to-end representation of the data cycle from data creation, changes, descriptions to the use of the data in a structured form in a central location.

business glossary
Central repository for definitions and rules in the business glossary

Benefit from excellent metadata management

Simplify work processes

Automated extraction of metadata enriches linked data sources with associated metadata and context. The integration of external data sources such as Excel and XML files is also supported. Metadata management is thus always traceable and clean.

Elimination and damage caused by shadow IT accounts for up to 40% of IT costs.
data catalog meta data extraction
Metadata is automatically extracted and made available to users

Fully customize the catalog to your needs

Present all your data assets, user roles, processes and data assets intuitively, in a clear form and integrate your ETL and BI tools directly into Contiamo via APIs.

To make setting up a data catalog efficient and profitable, it pays to develop company-specific use cases.
data catalog customization business glossary
Individual customization of the catalog

Increase company-wide trust in your data

Without clean metadatabases, unclear data streams lead to poor data quality, unknown data origins, and high process risk. This is where Contiamo's AI-powered data profiler comes in, providing direct insight into the quality and consistency of a data set.

of all CEOs have concerns about the data on which they base their decisions.
data profiling data preview data stats
Simplified data preparation with data profiler and data preview functions

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