Data connectors for a modern data architecture

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Display your data architecture in the data catalog

Enable modern data architecture

Today's data architectures are often historically grown and consist of a multitude of components. In order to efficiently perform data experiments in such a distributed system and to generate fast insights, a central platform is an essential building block.

The advantages of Contiamo for your data architecture

Use data from legacy systems efficiently

Legacy systems and limitations on the number of licenses for data generating software can make it very difficult to extract the data you need for analysis. Contiamo has native integrations with many popular legacy systems so you can easily query, transform and consume their data as if they were an SQL database. Make all your data available, minimize data replication, and use it for BI, data science, or operational purposes.

of CDO’s say data silos are a challenge.
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Create individual data sets from legacy systems

Integrate your entire data set

Data integration doesn't have to involve years of projects. With Contiamo, you can link systems, data lakes, data warehouses, .XLS and .CSV files - in short, all common data sources - in just a few minutes. The intuitive wizard supports you during the connection process. Metadata can be extracted automatically during this process.

Due to historically grown complex data architectures, data is not only distributed across different systems, but often gets lost or duplicated.
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Connect various data technologies in only a few clicks

Enable new data applications

Contiamo offers native integrations to all popular business applications. Integrate BI tools like Tableau or Power BI with one click or download your data as CSV or XLSX files.  Make data available to any software projects and web front-ends via the versatile GraphQL and HTTPS rest interface. 

A future-proof data architecture supports the data flow "end-to-end" and must be adaptable to modifications and expansions. 
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Export data in the required data application

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