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data source structure information metadata
Display of relevant structural information for each data set

The fast track to efficient data access management

Access control regulates who can access a particular data set and in what form. As more and more areas in companies rely on data, requests for data access are exploding. This results in new infrastructure requirements and additional complexity in data storage, provisioning and use. Scattered Excel files, shadow IT and complex access regulations pose major challenges. The Contiamo Data Catalog enables clear management of rights and roles and facilitates the setting and monitoring of access control.

The advantages of Contiamo in access control at a glance

Centrally managed access control

Data sets can be assigned to one or more Data Owners, who become the contact person and manager of this data. You can systematically grant granular data access, create custom data sets, and assign data stewards who are responsible for managing metadata. Built-in security and policy layers automatically check access permissions.

of analytics projects are constrained by compliance concerns.
data steward access control
View on data resource responsibilities

Relieving governance teams

Contiamo brings data access and governance under one roof. Granular policies, GDPR permissions and access are at one single point of truth. Through Contiamo, access requests from data consumers are transparently documented and compliantly managed.

For 72% of the companies, implementing and strengthening data governance is among their most important data initiatives.
data governance access management permission management
Governance information and regulations managed centrally

Democratization of data access

With us, you solve access management challenges for all data and data assets in one central location and democratize data access. Agile and flexible data delivery through our modern React.JS frontend allows your employees a proactive data usage. This allows, for example, the optimization of existing business areas and the development of new ones.

improvement in business performance when data is found in time
data catalog user management
Documentation and management of users

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