Central data integration

Data integration combines all data from different sources in one central location. This creates a reliable data basis for all technical and business processes. Integration covers the entire data cycle, from data ingestion to application.

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Holistic integration of data sources

Benefits of the Contiamo Data Integration

With Contiamo you can bring together data from different sources in a matter of seconds, transform it and make it available for analysis in the desired format. Simplify system migrations and increase the added value of your data with a wide range of data quality functions.

Data integration in a single tool

The intelligent Contiamo Data Platform combines data management with direct data integration in one tool. Contiamo brings together data from all your systems and provides an intuitive user interface to query, combine, analyze and transform your data without the need for costly data movement or replication.

An open architecture of modern, cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, Go and Spark allow for a significant increase in data integration efficiency. Contiamo accelerates data processes and generates new insights. Read more about how features like data profiling, extensive system compatibility and access control strengthen your data quality, transparency and compliance.

data integration SQL ETL
Powerful workbench for data integrations using SQL
Data profiling
Data connectors
Access control

Advantages of data integration with Contiamo

Less time needed by bringing together your data sources

Data integration does not have to mean time-intense projects. With Contiamo and the intuitive integration wizard you can link systems, data lakes, files and other sources across multiple systems in just a few minutes. Metadata is extracted automatically in the process. Contiamo makes it easy to combine cloud data with on-premise data and simplifies system migrations. Excels and CSVs can also be conveniently added as data sources.

less time spent on data integration through virtualization
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Automated metadata extraction

More agile data projects through real-time access without data movement

Lengthy ETL processes are not well suited for agile data projects as they can be tedious and very complex. With the intuitive SQL Workbench, you can access all the data in your distributed data landscape and combine it in any way you want. Create rich, custom data sets without any data movement or replication, and ensure real-time access through data virtualization. Using Apache as the translation and query layer for maximum compatibility and Kubernetes, Contiamo can flexibly scale with your queries.

of the effort in data projects is spent in preparing and searching for data
data integration virtualization SQL ETL
Join different data sources using SQL

Better data culture and governance in enterprise-wide collaborations

Data projects are currently often accompanied by copies and data duplicates shared via email. Contiamo provides a central point of truth where up-to-date data, reports, APIs and various assets are available. The easy-to-implement, customized access management enables cross-departmental, policy-compliant collaboration through the integrated security and policy layers. Contiamo supports you in establishing a company-wide data culture and initiating new data projects.

of agility projects in companies currently fail due to a lack of data culture.
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Open data sets in your favorite tools

Generate added value from your data

With Contiamo, you proactively find the data you need and use it without waiting for time-consuming processes. The combination of our modern, fast frontend, based on React.JS with the direct and secure access to data sources supports you comprehensively in your data projects. The integration with the most popular BI tools, the high-performance SQL workbench and the possibility to access Contiamo as a Postgres database offer you comprehensive application possibilities.

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Accelerated work steps in data engineering

Selected features at a glance

The Contiamo Data Catalog offers numerous features that make it an all-round tool for all data management challenges. It provides end-to-end support along the entire data cycle. Starting from data production, finding and sharing until usage, it seamlessly complements a modern architecture.

Extensive compatibility

Easily integrate Contiamo into your existing system landscape. Native integrations with all your favorite BI tools such as Tableau or Power-BI give you the ability to automatically list and make your dashboards, reports and analytics available in the Contiamo platform.

Data glossary

Bring your logical and physical data model together in one environment. Use the data glossary to connect the language of your business departments with the actual data in the database, enabling consistent communication for IT and business.

Data source wizard

Integrate all your enterprise data sources in seconds. From AWS S3 to SAP HANA, our Data Source Wizard will guide you through integrating your data in no time.

Data Profiler

Get continuous data quality checks, as well as a range of other key insights while curating custom data sets.

Intelligent entity detection

Via our AI-based entity detection, we automatically analyze any data set. We then identify what kind of data it is and tag it for quick retrieval. In addition, you can define any of your own entities, such as customer numbers, and have them automatically detected.

Deep search

The deep search functionality makes it easy, fast and intuitive to find the data you need. Search all levels of the catalog, including columns of a table and individual metadata, and display related information.


Customize the Data Catalog to meet your needs. Map your organization into the flexible catalog structures to create an intuitive environment that promotes data democratization.

Rights management

Contiamo supports you in implementing your rights and governance strategy. You will always have a transparent picture of which employees have access rights and who the data owners and stewards of the data sources are.

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