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Contiamo Platform  contains Asset Catalog  and Workbench

The most flexible Data Catalog

Your central place to find, understand and share any data asset within the company

Data Catalog

Let meta-data drive your data initiatives

Our Contiamo data catalog allows you to document any data asset and provide meaningful context. We automatically extract and manage metadata, either with native connectors or through our ingestion toolkit. Our search engine enables quick and easy ways to find the data you need through filtering or contextual search.

Central documentation

Describe and enrich any data asset

Powerful search

Intuitive, google-like search
and customisable filters

Data connectors

Out-of-the-box connectors to
all your datasources and tools

Meta-data integration

Automatic meta-data sync
and flexible ingestion capabilities
Data Catalog

Gain direct insights into your data within seconds

Intelligent features like our data profiler and AI-Tagging help you to understand and evaluate any dataset in seconds. Get a statistical representation of your data and understand important characteristics like the data quality or invalid entries in no time. Our entity recognition not only identifies common tags like person or location but can be extended with your individual matching criteria.

Data Catalog

Understand dependencies and end-to-end data flows

The Contiamo data catalog supports the creation and visualization of relationships between any asset type. Create end-to-end data flows that start with ingestion at the source system and end in a BI report or Machine Learning model. Our business glossary supports you with added meaning to harmonize the technical and logical data model.

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SQL Workbench

Query any datasource and explore datasets in seconds without worrying about access management


The fastest way to explore and create data sets

Our Contiamo SQL Workbench provides you with full transparency over structures and added context through the catalog integration. Find, query and combine any dataset in seconds, no matter what technology or application is used. Out-of-the-box connectors to all common databases and SAP R3 systems as well as flexible APIs are directly integrated in the platform.

Datasource Explorer

Gain full transparency over structures
and leverage added context

Federated Queries

Query any datasource immediately and combine it with other data

Extensive Compatibility

Connect and query any database like Postgres, BigQuery or SAP R3 in seconds

We help you to create, manage and understand any query

The SQL workbench leverages its unique connection to the data catalog to provide you with full understanding and transparency on all data structures. Our 3 powerful query modes allow you to access data directly, use virtualization to combine it with any other data or shift it to another location as a new dataset. Through SQL lineage you immediately understand dependencies and get a perfect understanding of any query.

Contiamo Datahub

Why is the Contiamo platform unique?

Seamless integration

Discover any data within the catalog and jump directly to the workbench to query and use the data

Rich context

Get additional information like description, metadata or business meaning to any element

Full transparency

Gain a nice overview on structures, dependencies and content of the data

Governance & access

Control access in a central place: ask for permissions and assign rights without creating multiple users

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