Search, discover, curate, and consume data in a single platform.

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With an intelligent data catalog and powerful data access functionality, we’ve got you covered from data discovery up to visualization in your favorite tools.

AI Supported data catalog
Powerful search
Smart Metadata extraction
Integrated data governance
Fully customizable to your needs
Intelligent data profiler
Vast compatibility
Intuitive UI and setup
powerful data access
Access all common datasources
1-click integration with your BI-tools
Powerful GraphQL and Postgres API
Buffer and autorefresh options
Add Excel / .CSV as datasource
Define granular policies / access rights
Flexible SQL Workbench

Enable full flexibility for all purposes

All your data in one place

Data integration doesn’t have to be a months-long cross-functional effort. Contiamo makes bringing together your enterprise data sources a breeze.
Native integrations with enterprise data sources
Intuitive wizard to add data sources in seconds
Support for real-time and custom data sources
No data movement or replication upon integration
Automatic integration of metadata
Storing data, metadata, and governance information across multiple systems and wikis is a thing of the past. Contiamo unifies all your data resource information.
One platform for all your data and metadata
Centralize offline information, such as documentation
Add BI resources, use cases, and more to the catalog
Customize the catalog structure to your needs
Empower data owners and stewards

Get the data you need

Endlessly searching for the data you need is a thing of the past. Contiamo allows you to instantly find the data you’re looking for and then seamlessly request access.
Google-like search functionality
Search for and within any data resource
Validate the data structure before gaining access
Easily review metadata on the data source
Instantly find data owners and experts
Existing data sources may not fulfil your requirements, but ETL is clunky and expensive. With Contiamo, you can customize, combine, and transform your data.
Explore data with lightning-fast queries
Use SQL to customize data to your requirements
Aggregate and combine external and virtual databases
Make custom data sets available in the catalog
Empower data owners and stewards

Democratize data acccess

In every company, data is being shared via email and as CSVs, creating shadow data and risking data privacy. Share data quickly and compliantly with Contiamo.
Grant or revoke access at the click of a button
Granular access management through data policies
Restrict or permit data access based on metadata
Create user groups for easy access management
Easily review access for any data resource
Don’t wait for IT to provision data in your systems. Contiamo allows you to easily open data sets of your choosing in the platforms you are used to.
Access data directly from Contiamo in your platforms
Download any data set as a CSV
Freely explore data in Contiamo using SQL
Iterate on data sets without any IT bottleneck
Query Contiamo as if it were a Postgres database


Whether you want to deploy in Azure, AWS, or your own on-premise infrastructure, Contiamo can be packaged, scaled, and secured to suit your requirements.

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