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Data governance & compliance services

Every Contiamo solution is tailor-made: it simply fits perfectly and improves working with data for all users. Our approach to tackle the governance challenge is to create win-win situations for all stakeholders with modern governance applications, easy-to-use frameworks and agile implementations.

We help implement and roll out data catalogs and modern governance approaches without sacrificing security or your compliance requirements/policies.

Do you struggle with ...

... implementing data governance?
... employees not following governance guidelines?
... having to achieve target KPIs?

Contiamo can support you

Our concepts


Focus on practical processes
Data governance should be implemented along a practical process and not top down just to have a governance. Identifying processes where governance will bring
an added value is the first step to success.


The right tool for the job
For almost every use case there are powerful, flexible and scalable open source tools available which facilitates and accelerate your specific need.


Automation first
Real life data governance has to be as easy as possible. Modern tools reduce stress and keep you focused by automating the repetitive parts.

Modern tools

A modern tool stack is the key to a smooth, efficient and powerful data governance. Using state of the art open source tools like data catalogs, we support you to radically accelerate you governance initiatives.

Data catalogs
Master data management
Data quality tools

End-to-end support

Choose your use case wisely
Data initiatives are best implemented when bringing advantages to users in the real life. Choosing the right use case is an essential factor for success.

Communication is key
Governance is a global topic - it contains the complete picture. That's why it has to be communicated and taken seriously on all company levels, from the very top to the bottom.

Seamless integration
Data governance tools and concepts only reveal their power when seamlessly integrated in the rest of your data infrastructure. Our architects and Ops experts are the right people for the job!

What a project could look like?

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Mike Linthe
Mike Linthe, COO and Partner