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Advanced Analytics

by Tim Elliot
Tim Elliot data analytics cartoon

Twinkle, twinkle little dashboard

data visualization cartoon

Fighting fire with fire

data forecasting cartoon

Excel master class

meme data culture

Expectation management

meme big data

Looking at you, data preparation

cartoon correlation vs. causality

I don't know why our employees don't trust data

by Tim Elliot
meme data trust data culture

Near to insanity experience

Connect the dots

"Good Data"

The grass there is definitely greener..

Accurate numbers

That time when...

Shoot yourself on the foot

What data?


Why didn't the data predict this?

Wise man said...

Data trends 2021

Giving up on mental health

Some people just want to see the world burn - 1

Some people just want to see the world burn - 2

Welcome to data science

Employee of the year guarantee

Who doesn't?

Would definitely watch

Based on a true story

Facebooks/Googles worst nightmare


Data modernization with some extra fun

I hate where there is just no solution for a problem

Files are like a box of chocolates...

The real reason of trust issues

Searching for that damn wheels

A matter of perspective

NLP at its best

veni, vidi, perdidi

Really, it never did that before...

Misstakes that happen only once

The forbidden topic

A combination of 4 and 6

No thanks needed!

Oddly satisfying

Just extrapolate

*staring angrily in data governance*

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