Every decision, backed by data

Our mission at Contiamo is to enable enterprises' data transformation through delivering data-backed insights and recommendations to every employee

About Contiamo

Contiamo is a VC-backed technology company working with major enterprises across the globe. Headquartered in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin - Europe's tech capital - Contiamo attracts top industry talent to join its ever-growing team.

The company's combination of a highly-qualified team, an industry-leading platform and vast experience working on data science projects uniquely positions us to partner with industry giants, enabling them to achieve their goals. We have a proven track record achieving tangible business value with companies, such as Deutsche Telekom, through the delivery of major transformational projects.

Our experienced, technology-focused team are obsessed with applying cutting-edge technology in the areas of data science, software development and enterprise architecture. The team is made up of active contributors to the Open Source community and, as a company, we strongly believe that Open Source projects accelerate the advancement of transformational technologies. As such, we have started and continue to promote a number of active open source projects.

Our Leadership

Michael Franzkowiak
Founder & CEO

Chris Baynes
Founder & CTO

Lucia Hegenbartova
Managing Director

Daniel Mahlow
Founder & Head of TechOps

Matthias Hofschen
VP of Engineering

Kasi Schulz
Head of People Operations

Matthias Schröer
Head of Solution Delivery

Ian Solliec
Head of Data Science

Steffen Iwan
Head of Business Development

Nathan Davis
Head of Marketing

Tejas Kumar
Head of Frontend

Lucas Roesler
Head of Backend

Our journey

Founded in 2013, Contiamo has expanded from a small startup to a company with a platform in deployment at some of the world's largest company. Six years with an obsessive focus on customer success and user-driven development has got us to where we are today.

2013 - Company founded

Contiamo was founded by Michael Franzkowiak, Chris Baynes and Daniel Mahlow, following the three founders working together on a number of ventures as part of the incubator Lempa7 / Springstar GmbH.

2014 - Investment by hub:raum

Hub:raum and Vogel Ventures co-led Contiamo's seed round, with a number of angel investors also coming on board. As part of hub:raum's investment, Contiamo moved into their co-working office.

2016 - Investment by Capnamic

Capnamic led the Series A investment round, where Contiamo raised a multi-million euro investment to expand the team, further develop the platform and expand globally.

2017 - Move to Potsdamer Platz

Contiamo moved into a new state-of-the-art office space in late 2017, laying the foundation for further team expansion to increase capacity to partner with an ever-expanding customer-base.

2018 - International expansion

Throughout 2018, Contiamo's customer-base has been rapidly increasing. This year has seen enterprise customers come onboard in Europe, the US and Asia.

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